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Website Update

For the past 5 days we have been experiencing technical difficulties on our website. Our site is hosted on for the past 4 years. Last week sometime they had a server outage and had to migrate all users to new (more powerful) servers. The servers had new Operating Systems and also the latest versions of PHP. Our page is dynamically updates via a PHP script which gets data from Petfinder. Unfortunately due to the update the script has not been working and so we are unable to add all our available dogs to this website. We are working hard on fixing this issue with technical support from Site5. 

In the meantime there are a few ways to view our adoptable dogs:

If you are interested in any of the dogs and want to fill out an application you can still do that on this site and here is the link for that:

Adoption Application

Also if you have any questions about any of the dogs you can email If I am unable to answer your question I will do my best to put you in contact with the right person.

*One of the side affects of the update was the email servers were also updated. Many of our volunteers have not had a chance to update their mail clients to the new servers yet. So I will be the POC until that is resolved.

We apologize for this inconvenience and have been working very hard all week to resolve all these issues.


Pet Rescue Alliance

Adoption Event & Open House

This weekend Pet Rescue Alliance is teaming up with The View at Liberty Center for their open house and our dog adoption event. Our first event was a huge success that led to many adoptions, including ones that are near and dear to our hearts. We had several dogs at our organization for over a year and a half that met their future fur-ever families that day! And we’re hoping to do it again!


Your potential new pet!

The lineup of dogs we plan to bring to the event is tentative and can change at any moment until the event starts. Right now, our list consists of three that we expect to bring and three potentials, and maybe more. For a full list of dogs available for adoption, check out our website or PetFinder page.


Expected Attendees: Como, Jagger, & Dulce



Potential Attendees: Porter, Lucy, & River


What you need to know:

  • The event is free and open to the public! Bring a friend, bring two, or bring as many as you’d like! The more, the merrier! We have plenty of dog kisses to go around!
  • We’re always looking for more volunteers, whether it be event planning, dog walking, fostering, fundraising, you name it; we could use your help! Talk to one of our staff members at the event for more information.
  • Please be respectful of The View! They are very gracious to allow us to have our dog adoption event in their lobby and we do not want to disturb residents (although we can’t stop the dogs from barking).
  • We are built on a base of volunteers, so everyone attending the event socializing dogs are doing this in their free time. We will try to be a little early for set up and would like to allow our volunteers to return home around 2 p.m. Our core staff would be more than happy to stay after if interested in adopting or finding out more information about our organization, and we’d be happy to schedule appointments as well.
  • We look forward to meeting you and finding perfect homes for our local dogs!


See you Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


For full event details and updates, check out our Facebook event.

The View at Liberty Center are luxury apartments in the heart of Ballston with a view of the D.C. skyline. For more about The View at Liberty Center, check out their website and their social media pages.

Find your co-pilot, sponsored by SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY!

Looking for a partner in crime? Rolo, Clyde, and Rosie are adventurous pups searching for their places in the galaxy – with some help from SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY! These adventurous pups will each have $100 of their adoption fee sponsored, and their new family will get a pair of tickets to see SOLO in theaters! Let’s get these pups into the passenger seats and on their way to forever homes.


Rolo is a 5 year old lab/hound mix who walks well on a leash and is house trained. He needs a relaxed and calm home. He would do well and thrive in a home as the only dog! Rolo has very simple needs. He loves walks, his dog bed, and just to hang out with you. He is neutered and up to date on all vaccines. Please consider fostering or adopting this floppy eared fellow!


Clyde is a giant fluff ball of love! He’s a 3 year old Great Pyrenees (weighing about 85 lbs) that has no idea how big he is. He loves to give bear hugs and kisses and is such a people-pleaser. He absolutely loves attention! He would love a family with a big back yard or that loves to take him on walks. He is not good with cats. His weekend dog-walkers love him so much and think he will make a great addition to whoever adopts him! He’ll take up a big space in your heart!


This is Rosie! She is a year and a half to two years old. She is the sweetest, most loving lab mix looking for a forever home. She wants to please you and is dog and child friendly. She settles down quickly but she gets excited in a new home! She is about 47 pounds and has the cutest face and ears. She would love to go on daily walks or runs and become a full time companion! Apply to take Rosie home today!


Any one of these sweet dogs will make a great partner in crime and co-pilot! Apply today!

National Chip Your Pet Month

May is National Chip Your Pet Month!


Micro-chipping pets has become increasingly popular and equally as important. We’ve found that no matter how careful you are, sometimes pets, especially dogs and cats, get away from us. Your pet could bolt past you when you walk in or out of your front door or while someone holds it open. You could be walking your dog, then they see something that excites them and they catch you off guard and run off. They could even figure out how to knock open the gate of your fenced yard. Whatever it may be, having your pet micro-chipped will set your mind at ‘almost’ ease in case something your pet gets away from you.

Too frequently, we see ads and social media posts about lost pets in our area and all over. At Pet Rescue Alliance, we microchip all dogs that come to our organization. If the puppy is too young to be chipped, we wait until they are old enough and make sure that the procedure is taken care of. Sometimes puppies and dogs arrive from transport are adopted within hours of arrival, and if they aren’t already micro-chipped when they get here, we also make sure that it’s taken care of. We know your dog is part of your family, and we know you want peace of mind about your pet’s safety.


If you haven’t already, micro-chip your pet! Keep your mind at ease and keep your pet safe!


April 30th is #NationalAdoptAShelterPetDay, and we’re here to tell you, we know a few that would love to be adopted!

Rescue pets have a little extra love to give. They come from situations of neglect, abuse, starvation; you name it, they’ve been through it. But that’s what gives them the extra love to give. They go from sad, curled up, inactive dogs to playful, happy, loving dogs. The instant happiness that a dog shows when they know they’ve been adopted is probably the best part of doing what we do. The saying has always been that “dogs are a man’s best friend.” We think that dogs are so much more than just a best friend; they are family.

Pet Rescue Alliance is a non-profit rescue organization that partners with shelters in Texas that face overpopulation. Every time we transport a dog from Texas to Virginia to be fostered or adopted, we open up a spot in those shelters for another dog to be saved. Adopting from shelters is increasingly important as overpopulation rates rise and very adoptable dogs are turned away or worse.

Around the D.C. area, we have 5 dogs that are being fostered that would love to find their forever home. Our other available dogs are in foster care or in a shelter in Texas waiting to be transported here to be adopted. Check them out on our website.

Rescued is our favorite breed. And that’s why we #AdoptDontShop.


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