The Adoption Process

Adopting a pet is a serious commitment, and it means that you are committed for the lifetime of the pet. There are many things you should consider before deciding to adopt, and we found this PetFinder article helpful for thinking about the financial responsibility, but there are many other considerations such as your living situation, breed, training, etc.

We’re very excited that you are interested in adopting from us, Pet Rescue Alliance. We were founded on saving the lives of dogs that are at risk of euthanasia in overpopulated areas. Each dog that we find a home for means that a spot opens up in a shelter for another dog to be saved.

When you bring your rescue home, we are confident that we found the right match between you and the pet.


Our Process:

Please keep in mind that we are a volunteer-based organization, so we try to be respectful of their time as well as trying to get you through the process.

  1. If you are interested in meeting or adopting one of our pets, submit an adoption application.
  2. Our volunteers will review your application to determine if you and the dog are a potential fit for each other.
  3. If we decide to move forward with you application, a volunteer will contact you either by phone or email to go over more details about your application. We cannot guarantee a certain time period that we will contact you, but we try to have a volunteer contact you within 72 hours. At this time, we are unable to respond to all applicants.
  4. After reviewing your application with you and we decide to continue moving forward, we will arrange a time for a home visit. The home visit ensures that the prospective adopter will provide a safe, nurturing environment for the new pet. It is important that all members of the family be present for the home visit to assess the overall living situation.
  5. At this point, we make the final decision for the pet and arrange a time for the contract to be signed, the tax-deductible adoption fee be paid, and the pet to go to its new home. (If the pet is not able to go to your home (young puppy, vet care, etc.) a hold will be placed on the pet until they are ready). The adoption fee covers medical expenses to properly vet the dog (shots, neutering, etc.), costs of keeping the pet in a foster home or kennel, transport fees, and other expenses that have been incurred.
  6. Once you have adopted a pet, your relationship with Pet Rescue Alliance is not over! We will always consider you a part of our alliance. We would love to get updates about your new family member, provide any guidance or resources you need at any time, and on some occasions, we may even be able to help with pet sitting.

Disclaimer: Pet Rescue Alliance reserves the right to accept or decline any person or family as adopters for any reason. The final decision on all adoptions is up to the vote of the board of directors.