Benbon and Nano


Name:  Benbon and Nano
Age:  Adult
Breed:  Chihuahua
Size:  S
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Special Needs:  

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Benbon and Nano

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Benson and Nano are a bonded pair. For a decade they were the best they could be for their family, and they were rewarded by being dumped at a shelter. A rescue took them in, their family panicked and realized they made a mistake abandoning them. Although hesitant, the rescue gave them back to their family. The kids were excited, the only ones more excited were Benbon and Nano. They were so relieved to be home!!

A year later, their family was tired of them again and wanted to get rid of them. They are old now. Nano is extremely obese and has demodox mange. Benbon has an upper respiratory infection. Their physical ailments hurt, but their hearts are breaking so much more. Nano knows he isn’t cute and little. He just wants love and sits at his fosters feet now all the time, not wanting to be left. He eagerly tries to go to the car, thinking maybe there is a chance he is going home again.

These two are a special bonded pair, both males, both 10 plus years old. Is there anyone that can mend their hearts? They can’t be split up, both are dog and kid friendly. Nano has a thyroid issue that he is on medication for, we are doing further testing to determine exactly what is going on. It’s not even his fault that he is this big. He was neglected and not given the medical care he needs. Both just want to sit in your lap and relax and know they are safe; both are dog and kid friendly.