Name:  Burke
Age:  Young
Breed:  Retriever
Size:  M
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Special Needs:  

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Burke is 11 months old. Birthday is 12/3/2016. He weighs 45 lbs. He likes to chase butterflies. THAT is his favorite activity. It is almost like he is a cartoon dog. He loves to play ball, take walks, play with his baby, chew on a rawhide and take naps in the sun. Scratches on his head elicit moans and sighs. He sleeps all night without interruption on side of bed. He walks well on leash and off leash. Never runs out door. Likes to be close to home. He loves a nibble of human food but does not beg. Burke loves a nice warm shower. He is smart and only needs to be told no once. After a walk or a meal he always comes to give a thank you by putting head in lap. He just wants to please. He delights in babies and children. He is house trained, neutered, healthy, and happy.