Name:  Kimber
Age:  Adult
Breed:  Labrador Retriever
Size:  L
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Special Needs:  

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Do you need a big, sweet chocolate kiss each day of the no-calorie variety? Then let this Chocolate Lab mix sweeten your life. Kimber, who seems to have a good dose of Chesapeake Bay Retriever as well, may just be the easiest, most relaxed, playful member of the family. With her gorgeous amber-green eyes and cheerful demeanor, she will melt your heart. This 3.5-year-old girl was surrendered by her family in Texas—and her foster family members here in Virginia are scratching their heads wondering why anyone would let go of such a great dog. In addition to knowing all her commands (come, sit, lie down, shake, and more), Kimber likes to please, does beautifully with young kids, will go in the crate but is not destructive and does not need to be crated, sleeps all night, is fully housebroken, and is simply a delightful girl. She is confident and seems to like everyone—especially anyone who has some food. Yes, like most Labs this girl is food motivated. She loves to chase after ropes, balls, and stuffed toys, and she relishes getting at her Charlie Bear treats in her Kong puzzle toy. Kimber does pull on the leash, but this can easily be corrected with a Gentle Leader harness.

Kimber is perfect for anyone who wants a sweet, gentle, easy going, well-trained, and playful teddy bear. While her previous owners said she doesn’t do well with small dogs, Kimber has played nicely with the foster’s Sheltie.