Name:  Lexus
Age:  Young
Breed:  Labrador Retriever
Size:  M
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Special Needs:  

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Lexus is an approximately 1 year old Lab mix, weighing about 50 pounds, and is the sweetest, most loving puppy around! For only being a year old, she has a mellow personality but loves to play with other dogs. She had a rough couple of months fighting an upper respiratory infection, but she has completely turned around and is healthy and looking for a forever home!

She loves toys, wants to sit in your lap if you’re on the couch, and won’t complain if you offer belly rubs. She likes to sleep on the couch or on the dog bed during the day. She is crate trained. She knows that when her foster family is leaving the house that she has to be put in her crate, and she knows the command “Lexus, get in your crate.” Being a lab puppy she is a chewer, but she loves antlers, balls, and other dog toys.

She does really well in the house. She only had a few accidents. She s very trainable! She knows the command to sit when entering and exiting a door. She is very treat and praise motivated. She has not been around many men – she will need a proper introduction to them, but once she’s warmed up she is very sweet.

Over Lexus is a sweet, loyal puppy. She has been her foster family’s shadow. She is protective and will bark when a stranger approaches, but she’s not aggressive. She would be an amazing addition to any family who’s willing to give her lots of love and attention. She is great with children and would make a great therapy dog someday!