National Chip Your Pet Month

May is National Chip Your Pet Month!


Micro-chipping pets has become increasingly popular and equally as important. We’ve found that no matter how careful you are, sometimes pets, especially dogs and cats, get away from us. Your pet could bolt past you when you walk in or out of your front door or while someone holds it open. You could be walking your dog, then they see something that excites them and they catch you off guard and run off. They could even figure out how to knock open the gate of your fenced yard. Whatever it may be, having your pet micro-chipped will set your mind at ‘almost’ ease in case something your pet gets away from you.

Too frequently, we see ads and social media posts about lost pets in our area and all over. At Pet Rescue Alliance, we microchip all dogs that come to our organization. If the puppy is too young to be chipped, we wait until they are old enough and make sure that the procedure is taken care of. Sometimes puppies and dogs arrive from transport are adopted within hours of arrival, and if they aren’t already micro-chipped when they get here, we also make sure that it’s taken care of. We know your dog is part of your family, and we know you want peace of mind about your pet’s safety.


If you haven’t already, micro-chip your pet! Keep your mind at ease and keep your pet safe!