April 30th is #NationalAdoptAShelterPetDay, and we’re here to tell you, we know a few that would love to be adopted!

Rescue pets have a little extra love to give. They come from situations of neglect, abuse, starvation; you name it, they’ve been through it. But that’s what gives them the extra love to give. They go from sad, curled up, inactive dogs to playful, happy, loving dogs. The instant happiness that a dog shows when they know they’ve been adopted is probably the best part of doing what we do. The saying has always been that “dogs are a man’s best friend.” We think that dogs are so much more than just a best friend; they are family.

Pet Rescue Alliance is a non-profit rescue organization that partners with shelters in Texas that face overpopulation. Every time we transport a dog from Texas to Virginia to be fostered or adopted, we open up a spot in those shelters for another dog to be saved. Adopting from shelters is increasingly important as overpopulation rates rise and very adoptable dogs are turned away or worse.

Around the D.C. area, we have 5 dogs that are being fostered that would love to find their forever home. Our other available dogs are in foster care or in a shelter in Texas waiting to be transported here to be adopted. Check them out on our website.

Rescued is our favorite breed. And that’s why we #AdoptDontShop.