Willie and Nelson


Name:  Willie and Nelson
Age:  Young
Breed:  Black Labrador Retriever
Size:  M
Special Needs:  

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Willie and Nelson

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This is the sweetest pair who adore children!
-Willie is a 3 month old lab mix.  He’s about 14 lbs.  He was found with his brother, Nelson, abandoned on a country road in rural Texas on a very dank, cold night. Willie is quiet confident dog.  Loves to play outside.  Likes chew bones and his octopus that he plays with his brother.  He is good with other dogs, big and small. He is kennel trained at night.  Potty trained.  He is treat motivated so can be trained easily.  We are beginning to use a leash for walks.   He has a beautiful shiny black coat with a white flash on his face.
-Nelson is a 3month old lab mix.  Found with his brother willie abandoned on a country road.  He has webbing on his paws and you can definitely see the lab in his black shiny coat.  He is more vocal then his brother, Willie.  He loves chew bones and playing tug of war with his octopus.  Likes being outside, but is good inside too.  Good with other dogs.  Has gone to doggie daycare with his brother and they are favorites there.  Potty trained.  Kenneled at night.  Treat motivated, so easy to train.

If some one wants both that would be great.  Easy to call both back to you.  Just say, “Willie Nelson, come.”